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Safe Spectrum Lighting

Safe Spectrum Lighting Designed for Food Safety, Shelf Life, and Merchandising.
Safe Lighting

Safe Spectrum Lighting

Safe Spectrum, by Promolux Lighting International, represents the culmination of thirty-plus years of lighting design and research for the advancement of food-safe lighting for the food retail industry.

Years of research by renowned international food science laboratories, universities and dozens of field trials has lead to engineering of a food specific light source that is safe to use in all types of fresh food display cases.

Science and research have proven that foods break down at a chemical and cellular level when exposed to varying levels of radition both in the form of heat and light (visible and non-visible radiation).

Safe Spectrum

Safe Spectrum Applications

Safe Spectrum Meat Lighting

Not only does light cause discoloration of meat, it also contributes to increased …

Safe Spectrum Deli Lighting

Ready to eat products such as cured or smoked meats and prepared foods …

Food Shelf Life

An extensive body of literature is available on the effect of lighting … 

Retail Beer & Wine

The light-struck effect is well documented in beer and light wines …

Retail Bakery Display Lighting

Cakes with icing, fancy pastries and cream-filled baked goods often contain …

Retail Floral Display Lighting

Cut flowers age rapidly in the presence of regular lighting …

Surface Heating

Prevent Food Surface Heating

Display lighting causes surface heating and promotes photochemical processes that contribute to discoloration, oxidation and food borne pathogen growth.

Perishable foods and merchandise that are sensitive to heat and light significantly benefit from being displayed under lights like Promolux, which incorporate Safe Spectrum science and technology. Designed to reduce levels of visible and invisible spectra Promolux is the safest, most cost-effective and sustainable lighting solution for food displays.

As pioneers in the field of food display lighting, Promolux Lighting International is pleased to present this educational portal on the science of food and food lighting. Here you will find years of scientific studies, research papers and industry reports on the impact lighting has on specific foods.

Whether you are a retailer, lighting specialist, university student or food science professional, we invite you to review the existing research and facts and encourage you to help build this site as an educational resource on the science of food and lighting.

Every wavelength of light is perceived as a spectral color and certain spectral wavelengths affect the chemical composition of foods.


Lighting Effects on Retail Food Displays

What follows is a list of all the links to articles about lighting and the effects of light on food mentioned on this website.

Retailers & Food Safety

Food retailers and food-safety

For food retailers and food-safety professionals this breakthrough in retail food display lighting translates into greater sustainability and performance with:

Increased Food Safety
Lower surface temperatures lead to reduced pathogen growth.
Improved Shelf Life & Quality
Nutritional integrity, natural juices and moisture content and flavor are sustained.
Superior Merchandising
Balancing of the lamps spectrum provides unparalleled color presentation for retail food displays.