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Safe Spectrum Lighting for Other Foods

Retail Displays of Other Foods

Promolux® Safe Spectrum® lamps are ideal for maximizing the shelf life and merchandising presentation of cut flowers, frozen foods, ice cream, dairy products and processed foods packaged in jars or transparent films. Safe Spectrum lamps are ideal for maximizing shelf life.

Olive Oil Essentials: Preserving and Storing Olive Oil. Italian Cooking & Living. Italian Culinary Institute. Read the full article here.

					"All oils, especially extra-virgin olive oils and other unrefined oils, are best kept away from heat and light."
"The best storage tanks are made of materials to protect the oil from air and light, and are kept at relatively constant temperatures."

Lighting Effects on Packaged Foods. J.C. Acton and L.K. Cook. 2002 Annual Meeting and Food Expo – Anaheim, California. Read the full article here.

					"Food products packaged in transparent and translucent films can deteriorate during retail light display due to changes in sensitive pigments or lipids. Oxidation of these constituents leads to fading or discoloration and off-flavor development.

Chapter 6 – Lipids. WebClass, Department of Food Science & Technology, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

					"Oxidative rancidity causes the breakdown of fat-soluble vitamins and essential fatty acids (linoleic, linolenic), and is also responsible for the development of off flavors and odors. The warmed-over flavor common in reheated leftovers is the effect of oxidative rancidity, as is the cardboard taste of ice cream left too long in a freezer."
"Since oxidative rancidity is a pure chemical reaction (not enzyme catalyzed) its rate is highly dependent on temperature. The rate of reaction will double with every 10° C increase in temperature."

"The presence of oxygen, metal ions, especially copper and iron, and the exposure to light will increase the rate of oxidation."