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Safe Spectrum

What is Safe Spectrum® Lighting?

Utilizing the knowledge gained from 50 years of research into the impact of light on food, Promolux Lighting International has created Safe Spectrum® lighting technology.

Safe Spectrum® reduces the levels of harmful wavelengths in the invisible and visible spectra to minimize damage to foods displayed for sale to the public. This results in improved food safety, reduced rates of spoilage, and a visually attractive presentation.

Most food consumption is traced first to the distributor of such foods, which include retail food and food service establishments.

Studies by food science institutes, universities, and research laboratories have shown that radiation from retail lighting has a damaging effect on food displays. For example, the top layers of fish displayed on icebeds can be up to 25° F higher than the fish at the bottom of the display. It is clear that this type of temperature abuse is a definite food safety risk factor for retailers.

					Retailers around the world are finding that they can save over 30% of their shrinkage.


In addition to the damage caused by the physical heat radiated by infrared wavelengths from retail light sources, different wavelengths of the visible spectrum chemically react with food, oxidizing it and accelerating bacterial growth and the development of harmful and poisonous substances. We will present studies that show how light affects meat, dairy products, potatoes and other produce, beer and wine, and other retail products.

Light sources impact food safety and shelf life. Safe Spectrum lamps made by Promolux have been tested by research laboratories and universities, and have been found to cause less damage through reduced radiation and less bacterial growth, resulting in longer product shelf life and safer food.

Retailers around the world are finding through actual store tests that they can save over 30% of their shrinkage in their seafood, meat, deli, and other departments. This results in a very quick payback in reduced losses and also in higher food safety, higher customer satisfaction, and better merchandising.